7 Signs That Tell You Need A Bathroom Remodel

Over time bathtubs show wear and tears, mildew spots get harder to clean, and they make your bathroom look outdated.

Allow us to ask you a question: Do you love your bathroom?, If you do, then  you might as well stop reading this article, but if you doubted or answered with a definitive “no”, then you need to keep on reading.

If you are considering, but you’re still not sure if you need a bathroom remodel, read the following questions.  These questions may help you move forward on a remodeling project:

1. Your bathroom is outdated and lacks personality:
We know antiques have a certain charm, but if your bathroom looks a lot older than your grandma, then you have a problem. Your grandma may look cute but that’s just because elders are awesome. But having a bathroom from two centuries ago is a completely different story.

2. You rather ask your guests to water the plants:
If you’re ashamed when your guests ask to use the bathroom, you definitely need to consider a bathroom remodel. Bathrooms are one of the most important areas in a house and whether we like it or not, they represent a big part of our personality.

3. The water faucets of your tub are more than rusted:
Rusted faucets are a good indication it’s time to do a bathroom upgrade.  Faucets may be small but they sure are an important accessory to bathrooms. They give life, elegance and if kept in good condition they can have a long life.

4. Your toilet leaks, or is overall inefficient:
Old toilets can give the impression of being dirty even if you just spent an hour cleaning it. Besides old toilets are not very eco-friendly and some of them waste too much water unnecessarily. If your toilet is old consider changing it, if not for the looks, for the planet.

5. The tile in your shower is chipped:
We know tiles tend to chip over time due to temperatures and humidity. This can cause your bathroom to look deteriorated. The best thing to do is call San Diego Bath Wraps for a Free consultation.

At San Diego Bath Wraps we are used to seeing these type of problems in our clients bathrooms but there is a solution and we know we can save you from this kind of mess!

Give us a call or contact us through our website, we’d be more than happy to help you!