Shower Doors Vs. Shower Curtains – Which One Is Better?

One of the most important areas of your bathroom is the shower which is one of the most used around the house and a place where everyone can enjoy a little relaxation.

If you are thinking of remodeling your bathroom, and specially the shower, we suggest you take a look at this article to learn the pros and cons between shower doors and shower curtains.

Shower Doors and Shower Curtains are bathroom components that help to keep the water inside the shower when in use. They are constructed with different types of materials and different styles as well. San Diego Bath Wraps experts highly recommend the use of shower doors in your bathroom, but why? Yes, they both have the same purpose which is to keep the water in, but is there a difference between using shower doors or shower curtains? Allow us to explain…

Shower Doors are functional: Because of their design, Shower Doors are much more functional when it comes to keeping water inside because they are a solid barrier between your shower and the rest of your bathroom.

Shower Curtains are not efficient: Shower curtains are bathroom elements that appear simple and easy to use but they actually take a lot of your time just trying to figure out how to fix them or stick them to the walls to avoid having water all over your bathroom.

Shower Doors are easy to use: This is as simple as breathing, you won’t even notice how you get in the shower. This is because Shower Doors are very easy to use, in most cases you only need to slide or pull the door, which can be done by any member of the family as it requires minimum strength.

Shower Curtains are not easy to use: As simple and practical they might look, shower curtains can be a hassle. Whenever you get into a shower that has curtains instead of doors you feel like you’re fighting against the curtains to get in, they always get in your way and for this reason they can be dangerous.

Shower Doors are easy to clean: Who doesn’t love a clean shower? Installing a Shower Door will allow you to maintain your shower clean at all times with the minimum effort.

Shower Curtains are hard to clean: After a while, you will notice your shower curtains will start to look stained, this is because water and soap make a coating that stays in shower curtains making this spots very difficult to remove from them and also they tend to accumulate mold which can be really bad for your health.

These are the main reasons why we highly recommend the use of Shower Doors in your bathroom. If you’re planning to update your shower give us a call. At San Diego Bath Wraps we are experts in the field and want to help you give your bathroom the best look it can have!

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