Taking a shower: One thing that super successful people (must) do

A few days ago, I read an article from Forbes website named “5 Things Super Successful People Do Before 8 AM”, in the list are things that I have been doing since a while, but others that maybe I have not been too much constant and it’s worth to make an habit: exercise, a healthy breakfast, prioritize, visualize and a day planning. By doing this you’ll boost you energy levels to the top all day long, allowing you to be more productive. But one thing it’s missing in that list: taking a shower (strongly recommended after exercise, please) will give you the fresh start over of everyday.

A practical, clean and nice looking bathroom increase the satisfaction of this 6th must do thing. How long have been since you saw your bathroom free of mildew? Especially that old bathtub; each cleaning day it’s a big challenge, every time more difficult than the last time. An interesting fact from the study “Injuries Associated with Bathtubs and Showers Among Children in the United States” by the Journal Pediatrics, shows that over 43,000 injuries has been reported each year (annual average between 1990 and 2007) in the United States by slips and falls in bathtubs, some of them even causes deaths by drowning.

This statistics show only the cases were kids are involved, but everyone that use a bathtub have a much higher risk of injuries than a shower users. Do you really need those unnecessary risk? Of course not. All this accidents can be avoided, first of all not letting your children under 4 years without supervisor in the tub, adding more grips to the surfaces, and, the more effective option, tub to shower conversion.

And regarding tubs, do you realize now how much space it needs? Visualize how big your bathroom can look by only switching to a shower. This change can make a whole new look and feel of your bathroom, granting the opportunity to improve that quality time for yourself.

I think that everyone aim to feel comfortable in our own home, and maybe you agree with me that the bathroom it’s a key space of our house, providing us with relief (oh god yes!) and peace; give us a lot of moments for ourselves, our aisled island of relaxation.

I’m not against tubs, getting into one and submerge in the warm water it’s a very relaxing thing, but maybe the one that you have right now give you a little creeps, and you are even thinking to move forward and make the tub to shower conversion. Believe me, the difference can be HUGE.

Don’t hesitate to do something that can maintain or bring you closer to be a Super Successful People. It’s more affordable than you think and the benefits speaks for themselves.

Thanks for read me, see you in my next entry!